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Music Sheets are a collectable item in Shovel Knight that are hidden throughout the land. They can be found in the lairs of The Order of No Quarter, in villages, and everywhere in between. When you return them to the Bard in the Village, he will reward you for 500 gold for each sheet returned, and will offer to play you the song the sheet contains.

Every Music Sheet is actually a music track in the game, and most song sheets will play music relevant to the area they were found in. Most stages featuring a Knight of the Order of No Quarter will contain two hidden music sheets: One for the stage's regular music and one for the boss battle music.

Here are the locations for the Music Sheets in the game, and how to obtain them.

Music Sheets #1 - 5

These five sheets are already in possession of the Bard after to first speak to him

  • 1 - Main Theme
  • 2 - Steel Thy Shovel
  • 3 - One Fateful Knight
  • 4 - A Decisive Blow
  • 5 - No Weapons Here

Music Sheet #6: Pastorale

This Music Sheet can be found in the Village. Head to the right side of the village and use a water bucket carrying girl to jump onto the roof a nearby house. You'll find the Music Sheet on the next roof over.

Music Sheet #8: Courage Under FIre

This Music Sheet is located at the Armor Outpost. To get to it, climb the ladder into the airship and drop down on the left side onto a roof. Head back right along the rooftops to find the Music Sheet.

Music Sheet #9: Bucklers and Bonnets

After you have defeated Treasure Knight, Plague Knight and Mole Knight, return to the Village to find a two way catapult system leading to the Armor Outpost. The catapult will drop you on top of the airship where the Music Sheet is.

Music Sheet #10: Waltz of the Troupple King

Head to the Troupple Pond and fish off one of the platforms into the water. You'll pull up a giant batch of apples (and anger the Troupple King) but you'll also receive the Music Sheet!

Music Sheet #11 Watch Me Dance

Return to the Village after defeating Specter Knight and speak to the girl next to the juice maid in the tavern. She'll be so happy she will dance about the tavern, and reward you with a Music Sheet.

Music Sheet #12 Spin Ye Bottle

Dig through the sealed door to the left of the tavern in the Village to speak with Mona. If you can score 150 or more points at her game you will be rewarded with a Music Sheet. Try angling the bottle to hit the top two targets, they will give you the best points.

Music Sheet #14 Donor's Despair

Enter the Hall of Champions by paying the ticket-master 5, 000 gold. Once inside, climb up the ladder and head to the top left room. Look for a hidden wall on the left that will lead you to a secret area. Jump over the invisible gaps on the platform to get the Music Sheet.

Music Sheet #16 Starlit Wilds

Enter the Knuckler's Quarry with the Dust Knuckles in hand and complete the area to collect the Music Sheet.

Music Sheet #17 The Requiem of Shield Knight

Enter the Frozen Flight Stage and use the Propeller Dagger to fly across the stage, collecting all the gold and the Music Sheet at the very end.

Music Sheet #18 The Adventure Awaits

Go to the Forest of Phasing with the Phase Locket in hand and traverse the spikes using the Locket to get to the other side and grab the Music Sheet.

Music Sheet #19 End of Days

The sheet is located in Tower of Fate: Entrance, in the room following the first checkpoint with the moving walls. When you reach the narrow hallway part, you will find a small alcove right next to some spikes. This alcove acts as safety from the dropping ceiling, but you will also find a music sheet if you destroy the right wall.

Music Sheet #20 Strike the Earth

In the very first stage of the game, the Plains, after climbing down past the area with the first dragon mini-boss, drop down to where a skeleton stands on the edge of spike pit and dig left into a secret area where the Music Sheet is.

Music Sheet #21 The Rival

This sheet is also located in the very first stage of the game - The Plains. Look for an area with two moving platforms going horizontal and vertical. Ride the platform right and shovel hop across the bubbles to the far side to get the Music Sheet.

Music Sheet #22 The Defender

Journey to the Tower of Fate: Ascent. Once you get to the area where you have to guide the rainbow spewing statue across the pits, use it to get to the end of the floating statue segment, and lead the statue up the right wall to uncover the Music Sheet.

Music Sheet #24 The Decadent Dandy

This Sheet is located in Pridemoor Keep. When you reach the area after the second Gryphon mini-boss, travel to the next checkpoint and dig through the left wall to find a new area with the Music Sheet.

Music Sheet #25 La Danse Macabre

Travel to The Lich Yard stage. After passing the darkened weighted platforms and falling down a hole into an area with two skeletons go right. You’ll see a chest near a weighted platform. First you’ll have to go right to find a skeleton skull to bounce over to the platform in order to sink it long enough to grab the chest containing the Music Sheet.

Music Sheet #26 The Apparition

This sheet is located in The Lich Yard. Above the area with the second checkpoint, go to the two shrubs, and hit the far right one twice up into the air, and the left one once, then pogo jump off the left one onto the right and over the left wall to a darkened area with the sheet guarded by a ghost. Be extremely careful getting to it and back!

Music Sheet #27 A Thousand Leagues Below

You can find this one in The Iron Whale. In the area where the tentacles first appear, look for a shell embedded in the rock to the right to open up a new path. In this area, hop across the bubbles to the chest to get several gems, then hop back using the tentacles, then fish where the first tentacle was into the sparkling pit to find the Music Sheet.

Music Sheet #28 A Thousand Leagues Below

When in the Iron Whale stage, after going up from the 3rd checkpoint, look for a seam in the wall on the right and go inside. Jump across the platforms and tentacles to get to the chest with the Music Sheet.

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