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Halo Sheet Music
February 1, 2016 – 08:17 am
Peril Synthesia

First a little backstory:

Back in 2007 I was trying to figure out how to play “Unforgotten” from Halo 2 with less than 1 year worth of piano lessons as experience. As you can imagine, that didn’t go so well. I ended up asking my piano teacher for help and after a couple of weeks we had our first Halo Music Sheet.

After that one was complete, I wanted to continue and since I also liked the track “Under Cover of Night” from Halo: Combat Evolved we decided to do that one next. After some searching on the web I found someone that has already done this track along with a few others, and more people that had done a handful of tracks here and there. This is what inspired me to make my own Halo Sheet Music Collection. Using what people had already done as cheat sheets.

Over time my collection grew and my experience in transcribing music has become better. Now we had songs from all over the Halo OST’s from CE to Legends and ODST. Then in 2012 we said to our self “Let’s do all of it soundtrack by soundtrack. Stop jumping around and take all we have already done and re-transcribe it so it has a certain quality.” and making a real fan made sheet music book of all official Halo soundtracks.

So we made a list of OST release date’s since 2001 and started working on completing a set sheet of tracks, starting with Halo Combat Evolved and after that Halo 2 Volume 1, 2 and so on. And eventually turning into a true collection.

In 2013 we finished Halo 2’s Volume 2 and then some Halo fans asked me if I could share some sheets with them. Like them I use to find tons of videos on Youtube of people playing it and as awesome as that is you yourself want to play it. So I wanted to deliver the sheet music. This was the start of me charing my collection. It now has grown to over 90 transcribed tracks and now you can find it here on The Halo Archives Forum in the Community Creations section.

Halo 2 Volume 2Now some ground points and guidelines we work by:

Keeping in mind that this project is focused on quality instead of quantity. We would rather cut a track from the list than force it into the sheets. This has never prevented trying it out though as we strive to try all of them. (See ODST’s Street Sweeper, that was pure fan love of the track)

MOST IMPORTANT ! It’s all BY FANS, FOR FANS. No money is made and sharing it is purely to give something back in a way I can to a community that means so much to me. It started my love of Gaming, Soundtracks and even playing the piano. And with so many awesome community members I have encountered so I’m incredibly glad I can contribute to the creative and awesome stuff the Halo Nation produces!

Here are a few points we work by:

1 . We work my discs per soundtrack. So a 2 disc set is split into 2 parts to keep the flow going since we release per disc otherwise that wait would be longer.

2 . We work in our free time so there really isn’t a timetable. Updates are every time we finish a disc and it usually takes 3/4/5 months in-between updates.

3 . It’s transcribed on a Piano and it’s written for Piano. But we do try to take all we hear and put it into the sheet so that sometimes means there is more than your hands can handle. This is so that people can unlock it like a zip file and make new sheet music for more or other instruments. We try to make the Main Voice clear for when you play solo.

4 . We release the sheet music in PDF and MIDI by popular request so you can practice and it also makes it easier to convert it to other instruments.

5 . We love to see and hear people playing it, or show how they have turned it into something else. Please give feedback; did you find a note that you think shouldn’t be there? Make a comment or post in the thread on the forum and we will check it out. I’m constantly trying to keep everything up to date.

6 . I can’t say how long this is continuing, but if it’s up to me it’s until every soundtrack is done!

Source: www.haloarchive.com
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