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June 6, 2015 – 08:59 am
Big Band sketch score

Grand staff with four measures a line printable staff paperSingle staffs are all you need for most instruments.

Here's the new GIGANTIC horizontal staff:

And here is the new giant horizontal grand staff:

Those were medium-sized staves. Now for BIG blank staffs. I like using the following paper for identifying guide notes, and then writing short songs or phrases using just 5 notes.

Here's the same thing but smaller, with four grand staffs - enough for a short song!

Putting bar lines in helps piano students learn to do staff notation in a uniform manner. Still, there are no clef symbol markings or piano braces, so this paper can be used for 2 treble instruments in a duet, 2 bass instruments, or any other combination:

Grand staff with five bars a lineThe staff paper PDFs below have clef symbols and a piano brace in each grand music staff:

Smaller and more refined staff notation can fit the following staff sheet:

Now for single-staff instruments, here are some BIG staffs for younger students to practice their music notation on:

These large-staved staff paper pdfs make it easy for young students to practice their staff notation writing, using large note-heads. Drawing sharps and flats and natural signs are easier, too.

Here are smaller staffs, to which your music students will quickly graduate!

Bass clef free staff paperAnd last, three giant staffs, NOT FOR WRITING ON, but for laminating and using with your new note-readers. Try moving coins up and down the music staff:

The bass clef:

And the viola clef, which shows where Middle C is! This is a clef symbol that can be moved up or down the staff, depending on the range of the music. Go get a blank staff, if you need that clef in a different spot!

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