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The 5 Best Music Players to Use in Windows
January 6, 2016 – 06:32 am
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a-look-at-foobar2000-music-playerOne of the more popular music players that has some passionate fans, foobar2000 is a free music player for Windows that offers all the customizable tweaks you’re looking for in a player.

The main selling point of foobar2000 however is that you can customize it to a tee. If you like extreme customization options, you’ll love this music player. The player also has several plugins and add-ons to make it even more functional.

And for those with large music libraries, foobar2000 can access them quicker than most music players. It also has a component called ReplayGain that makes sure the volume stays at an even level when playing your various files.


MediaMonkey is also highly customizable, letting you have different skins and rearrange the layout to better suit you.

This two-for-one music player also has the ability to sync with your mobile devices and can clean up your music library if needed quite seamlessly. Other cool features of this player include auto-generated playlists, tagging and the ability to convert files automatically.


For a Windows Music Player that works in Linux as well, Clementine is a fabulous music player that has a standout feature other players don’t – it supports music from your Google Drive. It also supports audio from Spotify, Grooveshark and a few others.

Anyone who likes listening to podcasts and finding new ones to listen to will also like this player, as it supports copying and synching music to USB devices. Mobile syncing is also available, as well as tagging, a nifty queue manager, lyrics, artist biographies photos and as MusicBrainz, an awesome feature that fetches missing tags.


user-interface-for-clementine-playerA beautiful music player for Windows that many believe is one of the best, MusicBee is a lightweight and customizable music player that’s quite powerful. One of the coolest features included with this music player is its auto-tagging ability.

It also looks similar to iTunes (it can import files from there easily as well), so anyone familiar with iTunes should get the hang of MusicBee quickly.

Several plugins are available for this music player as well as skins, different layouts, three different players, advanced audio features like crossfade and 10-band equalizer and syncing capabilities with Android devices.


With Winamp an officially retired music player, AIMP3 is the music player many Winamp users will be reaching for. Similar to Winamp in looks and abilities, this free music player features an 18 band graphics equalizer and supports Winamp plugins. The player also converts AudioCD to MP3, OGG, WAV or WMA.

AIMP3 also has some unique features such as online radio, a timer that plays music while you go to sleep (and then shuts down your computer) and 32-bit audio processing. Tagging, enhanced tag editing, a sound recorder and customizable hot keys are also included with AIMP3.


The above list is simply a collection of some of the most well-reviewed music players currently available and actively updated by their developers. There are several other great music players available for Windows that are just as good, such as Windows Media Player, VLC (always nice to have on hand as a back up), Banchee, and don’t forget – in-browser music players can be just as good.

musicbee-user-interface the-layout-of-the-aimp3-player
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Popular Q&A
How do you put music on windows music player?

You can "rip" music from a CD or sign up for Napster to download music for a monthly fee. Ripping is simply copying the CD. Once you put in the CD the tool bar at the top of your screen shows the options Now Playing, Library, Rip, Burn and Sync. Choose rip. At the bottom of the screen it will say "Start Rip".

why wouldn't my windows music player play music? | Yahoo Answers

uninstall and reinstall or restart your computer
Or an other thing you can do is go to you task manager (Alt+Ctrl+delete) And go to prcess then click on your user name it will tell you all the programs running on you account just right click and end task all of them except the explorer.exe and taskmgr.exe
after open you player and try to play songs

how do u transfer music from limewire to windows music player?!?!?!?!? | Yahoo Answers

From the limewire site, save the tracks to My Music in your documents. Go into My Music and right click on the icon and a menu will come up and you can add the music to the player and then you can go to your player and make the cd.

Sharing files with Windows & music player?

I'm helping some friends of mine set up a small house network with a cable router. They have two PC's running XP and an Imac with 96MB RAM, OS 8.1.
I do not know much at all about Macintosh computers, and I couldn't find any info regarding the ability to see files on the network, cross platform. I basically want to have access to the music files on one of the PCs from the Imac.

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