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June 24, 2015 – 08:11 am
Development of an online music

Method 2: AudioPlay and install it on your website.
Upload all extracted files. Prepared archives contains ready to use index.html file with example configuration. If you want use multiple instances of AudioPlay on your web page use 'audioplay.swf?playerid=XXX' instead of 'audioplay.swf' in object/embed tags where XXX is unique identification string. Next change 'playerid' attributes in config.xml file, add some players if necessary. Another way is URL configuration. Here is the list of possible parameters:

AudioPlay generator produces HTML code. Open your post in HTML mode (in WordPress for example there are two tabs for each editing post - Visual and HTML) and paste there generated code.

Yes. This is default AudioPlay's behavior now. It could be controlled by 'listenstop' and 'sendstop' parameters. Players could be stopped using JavaScript too (see ).

How to control players using JavaScript ?

Complete example JavaScript code necessary for controlling players could be found in index.html (tar.gz or zip version of player). Each player has three methods:

  • playMusic - plays music
  • stopMusic - stops music (works only in play/stop mode)
  • pauseMusic - pause music (works only in play/pause mode)
Note: 'einterface' option must be set to 'yes' in player's configuration file or in URL.

Example JavaScript code looks as follows:

function getPlayer(movieName)
if (navigator.appName.indexOf("Microsoft") != -1)
return window[movieName]; return document[movieName];

function play1

HTML object:

Click here to play player #1.

And object/embed tag: Note: allowScriptAccess parameter is absolutely necessary !

How can I trigger external scripts (php for example) from AudioPlay ?

There are three useful configuration parameters:

  • playscriptfile - URL of script that will be triggered when play will be pressed
  • stopscriptfile - URL of script that will be triggered when stop will be pressed
  • playscriptfile - URL of script that will be triggered when pause will be pressed
All of above parameters are empty by default. Note: Triggering scripts in another domain requires 'crossdomain.xml' file in script directory. Here is example content of crossdomain.xml file: This will work for all destination domains. Replace "*" with your domain name if you want.

Occasionally player must be clicked twice to play/stop/pause in Firefox.

There is a known bug in Firefox and it is related to 'wmode' parameter in embed tag. You should make small changes in EMBED tag to avoid this problem.

  1. Delete 'wmode=transparent' from EMBED tag.
  2. Change 'bgcolor' parameter in audioplay.swf or 'backgroundColor' tag in config.xml. Change 'bgcolor' parameter in EMBED tag too. It should be the same as your website's backround color.
  3. Add 'usebgcolor=yes' parameter to audioplay.swf or yes to config.xml
Example EMBED tag after changes (all in one line):

I have problems with running AudioPlay on my local computer.

AudioPlay requires some files to start (music file, config.xml, and buttons images). That files are local when you trying to play audioplay.swf from your local computer. Some browsers disallows access to that files by default. It could be changed by setting opportunely options in your web browser, but problem disappears when you upload AudioPlay's files to your web account.

AudioPlay doesn't show up.

Ensure that all files (config.xml, button images, music file) has right paths and permissions.

I want to use larger or smaller buttons than 30x30 pixels, how can I do it ?

You could change Flash movie dimensions in object/embed tag to adjust it to dimensions of your buttons images.

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