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Music Player Installation Tutorial
March 26, 2016 – 07:40 pm
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How to get the codes from kiwi6 and dropbox


So recently I've added the option of having a music player in my recent themes (pretty much since theme [22]) and I've subsequently earned a lot of messages asking how to use it, why it keeps breaking the theme, etc, and here's the promised complete tutorial! Please note that this version was adapted from gyapo's own music player tutorial, and I learnt how to upload music in the first place from her. The uploading music bit will practically be a repeat of her tutorial, to be honest. I don't claim credit of it!

And with that, let's get started, shall we? :> I'll go through how to get the music player hotlink from kiwi6 first, then from dropbox, followed by how to integrate it into my themes.

( I ) kiwi6 - uploading the music

First of all, you'll want to head on over to kiwi6 to upload your music and get a hotlink. Sign up, then you can begin uploading as much music as you'd like. It's free and pretty easy to access your music on this site.

As shown above, simply select that icon from the top bar once you have your account. It'll bring you to a page with the option 'Browse' smack dab in the middle. Click that, and begin finding the song you would like to use.

Now once you've gotten this, click 'Start Upload'.

When it's finished, do not click the link under 'Upload URLs'. Instead, click your account username at the top right corner, and go to 'Files'. It'll bring you to the page where you may view all music files that you have uploaded. Pick the one that you just uploaded.

And tada~! A slide down tab will appear, with Direct Hotlink listed. It's the link you'll need to paste into the sheepproductions site later, so copy it by clicking it and pressing ctrl+c on your keyboard.

( I ) dropbox - uploading the music

First, you've gotta sign up for a dropbox account. Simple enough. Follow the instructions of how to get the programme installed on your computer. The site's actually really useful, you can even use it for things outside of uploading a music player haha

Well, as you can probably tell, all you have to do to 'upload' music, is to drag and drop your mp3 song saved in your computer into the dropbox folder. Check back at the dropbox home screen and -

Click that link, and a new tab with a music player floating in the center of it should come up.

The URL of this tab is what you need for the music player code, so copy it with ctrl+c. uwu

( II ) getting the music player codes

Now that you have your direct hotlink/mp3 url equipped, the next site to go to is sheepproduction's billy player. Here, we'll be uploading the mp3 direct hotlink from earlier into the music player.

Replace the circled link with the direct hotlink you got from kiwi6. You can replace the song title with the title of the uploaded song as well, but there's a high chance that the title will be cut off in the actual music player seen from the blog. After that, select or de-select Auto play, and generate the code!

As seen above, your music player code will now be shown! Once again, copy it with ctrl + c.

( III ) uploading the music player

Hey hey, you're almost done now! All that's left is to transfer the music player code into the theme. At this point, I assume that you've already got one of my music-player supported themes open in your customize page. I'll be using [25] Shinjitsu as an example for this part of the tutorial.

I'm sure that by now you should've noticed that in all my theme previews, I have this one text post on it entitled 'Stuff about the theme'. This post is often where I have all the theme's information slapped on, for those who want more details. It's also where holds the line of the code where you have to paste in the music player code! For this theme, it is found at line 800, where a line similar to '' may be found.

Delete off everything from that line, so that it's just one blank, empty, textless line. Next, just paste in (ctrl + v) the music player code we got from the previous part of the tutorial!

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