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January 7, 2016 – 04:39 pm
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Bottom Line: The Apple iPod touch is the best media player there is if you don't want a cellular connection.

Bottom Line: The Apple iPod touch gets a price drop and feature upgrade, making it an even more compelling gateway into the world of iOS apps than ever before.

Bottom Line: The leading do-it-all media player offers a compelling combination of features and price at $229, as long as you're OK with 16GB of storage.

Bottom Line: Audiophiles with the means should take a close look at the Iriver Astell & Kern AK100, a high-end media player that delivers exceptional sound quality with the right music files, but it comes with plenty of compromises.

Bottom Line: The Sony E Series Walkman NWZ-E474 sounds good out of the box and is easy to use, but there's not much here that stands out otherwise.

Bottom Line: Apple's beautifully redesigned iPod touch is still the leading do-it-all MP3 player, but the new $300 entry-level price might make it a tough sell.

Bottom Line: Apple puts the iPod nano back on track with its latest version, which sports a sweet new design, a larger touch screen, video playback capabilities, and more.

Bottom Line: A viable Apple iPod touch alternative, the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 is a great way to run Android apps without buying a smartphone.

Bottom Line: A budget smartphone without the phone, this low-cost media player should appeal to casual gamers and music listeners.

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How to Download Music Onto an MP3 Player
G.G.Martinsen Blue 16 G Mini Usb Port Slim Small Multi-lingual Selection 1.78 LCD Portable MP3/MP4, MP3Player , MP4 Player , Video Player , Music Player , Media Player , Audio Player
Network Media Player (G.G.Martinsen)
  • Audio: Support MP3 &Video: Support AMV format file
  • 16 GB MP3 Player
  • Mini USB Port Music Player
  • Built-in Photo Viewer, support JPEG format, E-book, Voice Recorder
  • Provided and supported by G.G.Martinsen
Best Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit FM transmitter/Modulator,Mp3 Player with Music Control,IOS & Android,Iphone 6/6 Plus/5s/5/5c/4s/4,Ipod,Samsung Galaxy Smartphones/Cellphones
Network Media Player (Liang's)
  • Car MP3 Player FM Transmitter with Bluetooth
  • Fashionable appearance and excellent sound quality and beautiful music can comfort people and release stress
  • Save MP3 file to U port, plug in U port
  • Stereo Bluetooth and hands-free calling
  • Read MP3 file from the USB port, TF card directly
Nixie-tube IN-13 MP3 Player & Music Visualizer Ver.2
Nixie-tube IN-13 MP3 Player & Music Visualizer Ver.2 ...
Soundwave Music Label MP3 Player Revisão em Português
Soundwave Music Label MP3 Player Revisão em Português
G.G.Martinsen Crystal-faceted 8 GB Multi-lingual Selection 1.8 LCD Portable Mp3/Mp4, Video Player, Music Player, Media Player, Video Player, Audio Player with a Slot for a micro SD card-Silver
Network Media Player (G.G.Martinsen)
  • - Mini USB 8GB MP3 Player
  • - With a slot can support up to 16 Micro SD Card
  • - Audio: Support MP3 &Video: Support AMV format file
  • - Built-in Photo Viewer, support JPEG format,E-book, Voice Recorder
  • --Provided and supported by G.G.Martinsen
Eclipse Eclipse T180 1.8-Inch 4 GB Touchscreen MP3 Player (Silver)
Network Media Player (Eclipse)
  • Plays MP3 & MP4 Files
  • FM radio
  • Voice Recorder
  • Clip-on style
  • 4GB
Avi Apps and Games Music Player Mp3
Mobile Application (Avi Apps and Games)
  • Elegant and beautiful User interface.
  • Tag Editor(supporting mp3 ,wav and other audio formats)
  • Browse and play music by songs,album,artist,playlist and folders
  • Sort your songs by more than 5 ways.
  • Create Playlists and Save them(from now playing screen)
  • Multi- select to play,queue or delete
  • Browse by folder.
Popular Q&A
help mp3 player music? | Yahoo Answers

Yes, All you have to do is go to view my playlist then it should say like play playlist...or like windows media! And it wil take you there but when you get there...look at the bottom under the seek bar and it should say all of the stuff changing from like artist to alblum you have to right click on that and go to like file or something like that and then save as!

Mp3 Player Music To Computer? | Yahoo Answers

plug your mp3 player in. Then go to start then my computer. You then go to the picture of your mp3 player. Then whatever song your want you move it over to either a folder. Or your desktop So you just move them from your mp3 folder where the music is to your desktop.

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