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Tobias Jesso Jr., Wet at Brooklyn's Music Hall of Williamsburg
February 16, 2016 – 11:35 am
Of Montreal - Music Hall of

Seeing a touring bill during CMJ in New York City is a strange experience. The city is buzzing with sets all across town in 12-hour stretches, and here you come parking yourself at one place for two bands and that’s it. Which actually makes the “sold out” designation for Tobias Jesso Jr. and Wet’s two-night stint at the Music Hall of Williamsburg a bit of a falsehood. Space was clearly left for badge holders, and it was never quite filled even at the height (which actually happened during the openers). You have to brush all that aside, focus on the musicians in front of you, and hopefully enjoy the music. Strictly from a sound standpoint, there’s no better tandem of acts to do that with than the two that took the stage Thursday night. Still, the contrast between them was equally strange.

As semi-local favorites, Wet commanded the bigger audience, just by a smidgen. Perhaps paradoxically, theirs was also the more intimate set. The CoSigned trio’s particular brand of R&B-influenced indie pop lends itself to these sort of close-quarters performances, but it was more than that. Early in the set, singer Kelly Zutrau held up the flowers her sister had brought her and, a few minutes later, tried to hand her friends postcards she had written them a month and a half earlier in London. Caught up on the road, she never had a chance to send them out. The friends made their way down from the balcony and grabbed them a song later, staying up front to watch their friend sing.

And Zutrau has one hell of a voice. Even Jesso would later intimate how inadequate he felt following her. On new song “These Days”, the true height and depth of her pipes was on display. During the chorus, there was strength in her sturdy lows and then a sudden rise straight to the crystal top of her register. She kept tucking her face into her arm as if coughing, but there was hardly a crack in her notes.

While Zutrau commanded the attention of the ears, percussionist Joe Valle was the most technically interesting to watch work. He was so very into the multifaceted aspects of the sounds he was creating, whether snapping the electronic drum pads or thumping his sampler. The nature of the songs required him to be almost constantly on the move, even if it was subtly. His focus was 110% on creating the music, and while the results were 100% of the time impressive, there was also a downside.

When Zutrau’s friends came for their postcards, she began bantering. “I wish we could just stay in New York. I don’t want to keep going.” She pulled back, saying of course the tour was great, and they were having fun and … “You ready for the next song?” Valle asked. Zutrau chuckled, saying, “Are you?” before Valle hit the first notes of “You’re the Best”. But the drive to just hammer out the songs was a bit indicative of the overall too-polished vibe that often overwhelmed the quality of the actual music.

Source: consequenceofsound.net
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Is the area around Music Hall of Williamsburg dangerous? | Yahoo Answers

Instead of the subway take the east river ferry for only $4 and it's worth it. The area is safer than it used to be and is now a thriving neighborhood.

How to get to music hall of williamsburg?

Head northwest on N 6th St toward Driggs Ave for 5.5 blocks. Destination will be on the left.

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