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The Music
September 7, 2015 – 04:21 pm
Sonsofanarchy tec direct

Curtis Stigers and the Forest Rangers – “This Life”

The Sound

Music for the show plays a crucial part in depicting the world of Samcro as well as the simplicity of life in a town like Charming. It must reflect both the authentic rebelliousness and freedom of the club lifestyle but also have playful Americana undertones.

The man responsible for capturing this is acclaimed producer/songwriter/musician Bob Thiele Jr., whose major task as theme song composer and co-music supervisor is to make the music as authentic as possible. He does this by drawing from a specific musical palette, using a great deal of guitar and accordion, keeping it simple as anything too orchestral or overly computer generated becomes distracting and can hinder instead of adding to the characters and their stories. This very notion is best captured in the show’s theme song “This Life.”

For the song, teamed up with guitarist/songwriter/and all around badass Dave Kushner of the band Velvet Revolver, as well as famed musician Curtis Stigers (who sings it.) The three are in works to lay down a full recording of the song to be available soon.

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