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Music from Another Room (film)
March 26, 2015 – 05:23 pm

Music from Another Room is a 1998 American romantic comedy, directed by Charlie Peters and starring Jude Law and Gretchen Mol.

The film follows the exploits of Danny (Jude Law), a young man who grew up believing he was destined to marry the girl he helped deliver as a five-year-old boy when a family friend went into emergency labor.

Twenty-five years later, Danny returns to his hometown and finds the irresistible Anna Swann (Gretchen Mol) but she finds it easy to resist him since she is already engaged to dreamboat Eric. In pursuit of Anna, Danny finds himself entangled with each of the eccentric Swanns including blind, sheltered Nina (Jennifer Tilly), cynical sister Karen (Martha Plimpton), big brother Bill (Jeremy Piven) and dramatic mother Grace (Brenda Blethyn) as he fights to prove that fate should never be messed with and passion should never be practical.

The film begins with 5-year-old Danny (Jude Law) and his military father visiting a family friend's, Grace's (Brenda Blethyn), house at Thanksgiving. When Grace goes into labor, Danny's father asks him to unwrap the umbilical cord from the baby. After a successful birth, Danny decides to himself that the baby girl born, Anna (Gretchen Mol), is meant to be with him forever, and states that he will marry her.

Twenty-five years later, Danny now 30 moves back to his hometown after his father dies. Homeless and jobless, Danny finds a cheap apartment owned by a bakery shop couple who offer him little jobs delivering cakes. During his first delivery, Danny gets lost and stops at Grace's for directions. Nina (Jennifer Tilly), Anna's blind sister, opens the door and Danny sees Anna for the first time.

Anna and Nina's family order a cake from the bakery and Danny immediately leaves to deliver it, hoping to see Anna, but crashes his bike into a car right outside the home, going unconscious. He awakes in Grace's house to meet Anna's entire family—her brother Billy (Jeremy Piven) and Billy's mentally distraught wife, Irene (Jane Adams), her father Richard (Bruce Jarchow), her sister Karen (Martha Plimpton), and boyfriend Eric (Jon Tenney). He is invited to stay for dinner where he is given news of Anna's recent engagement to Eric.

Danny later gets the job as a tiler/mosaic artist in a local museum. Danny soon confesses his love for Anna, asking her to run away and marry him. Anna rejects him kindly and rides away, with Danny chasing her. At a bookstore, Danny tells Eric he is in love with Anna. Grace remains ill with a bed nurse. Anna later becomes jealous of the love between Nina and her new boyfriend Jesus, and rushes to Danny's home. The two then sleep together. At Billy's house, Irene screams at Billy and points a gun at him because she believes he is having an affair. She quickly shoots at Billy, hitting his foot, and laughs as he tumbles in pain.

Nina and Jesus have an informal elopement during the night. After Nina returns home to tell her mother gleefully, Grace passes away in Richard's arms. Anna leaves Danny's apartment to tell her mother about her relationship with Danny only to find that she has died. At Grace's funeral, Anna says she already told Eric about their affair. Danny tells Anna he is leaving in a couple of days and says goodbye. That night, Eric announces he and Anna are going to Paris to get married. The next day, Nina tells Anna that she loves Danny, not Eric, and advises her to go after Danny.

At the train station, Anna chases down Danny and begs him to take her with him. Danny says that it won't last. She holds up a regular coin and says if it lands heads, she may go with him. Without looking, he claims it is heads and the two kiss.


Los Angeles and Pasadena, California and at the Park Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles.


Music from Another Room featured the soundtrack by Savage Garden and the song "Day After Day", written by Julian Lennon and Mark Spiro and performed by Julian Lennon.

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