Wakarusa Music Festival

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November 18, 2015 – 10:24 am
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Getting to the best music and camping festival in Arkansas

We’re thrilled to have you come down to the Ozarks for Wakarusa! There will be a number of on-site opportunities beyond the concert experience including on-site waterfall hikes, shopping with our vendors, top-notch food trucks and of course don’t forget all five stages of some of the live music you can find at a festival.

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The Arkansas Highway Department has released an official statement that Highway 23, north of Mulberry Mountain will be closed until further notice. Due to a landslide affecting the road clearance, all festival traffic will need to utilize Interstate 40 to Highway 23 at Ozark, AR to access the festival site.

The North Toll at Highway 23 and Highway 16 will be closed and all resources and staff will be moved to the South Toll. The number of check lanes will be increased to accommodate the additional traffic. Wakarusa organizers expect minimal impact from the road closure and expect the detour to take an additional 20-30 minutes.

It is extremely important for Wakarusa patrons to use Highway 23 from Interstate 40 near Ozark. All patrons coming from the north should remain on I-49/540 South to I-40 East to Hwy 23. GPS devices may suggest alternative routes from the north. These will likely be logging or utility roads that are impassable by regular cars or are dead ends. All festival traffic needs to utilize Interstate 40 to Highway 23 at Ozark, AR to access the site.

4117 Mulberry Mountain Loop

Source: www.wakarusa.com
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