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May 1, 2015 – 08:34 am
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Sundance Square offers the widest range of entertainment options in Fort Worth. Live music, live theatre, and improv comedy. World-class shows and performances. Museums and art galleries. Nightlife and hangouts. Movies both indoors and out. Plus special events and festivals for both adults and kids.

A Real Night Out in a Real Downtown.

When the sun goes down, Sundance Square heats up. Have dinner at a remarkable restaurant, hear some cool jazz, grab cocktails with friends at a bar, enjoy hilarious comedy, or see a movie on the big screen. You can also relax and watch the world go by in Sundance Square Plaza. The nights are so fun, maybe we should have called it “Moondance Square.”

We Know Music Inside and Out.

Rock or jazz? Country or classical? Acoustic or electric? Whatever kind of live music you like, you’ll find it in Sundance Square in downtown Fort Worth. Grab a seat at Bass Performance Hall, hang out on an outdoor patio, enjoy a free concert in Sundance Square Plaza, or go underground to the coolest jazz club in Texas.

Let’s Act Up a Little Bit.

There’s nothing like seeing an actor or actress deliver a terrific performance right before your eyes. Year-round, you can attend great plays and shows in downtown’s Sundance Square. Hilarious comedy. Heart-wrenching drama. Popular musicals. Elaborate operas. And more. Live theater is one more reason to come play around downtown.

Your Ticket to Hollywood.

Meet your new favorite movie theater: AMC Palace 9 in Sundance Square. It’s newly renovated and ready to deliver a movie-going experience like no other. Kick back, relax, and see the hottest new movies featuring the latest digital technology. It’s the best way to enjoy a romance, thriller, or comedy – without all the drama.

Go Deep in the Art.

Sundance Square is an urban masterpiece filled with beautiful works of art. Head downtown and explore an amazing collection by two premier Western artists. See modern works from local, national, and international artists. Browse an entire gallery devoted to the painter of light. And wander through a free museum devoted to Fort Worth’s colorful history.

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How many people live in fort worth Texas?

The estimated population in January 2009 was 720,250.

What are some fun bars in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that have live music on the weekends? | Yahoo Answers

two words:: BILLY BOBS,, it is the best bar ever, welll worth every penny

What is it like to live in Fort Worth, TX?

I have lived all over the US and I adore Fort Worth. I grew up in Los Angeles and since then I've lived in Napa Valley, San Francisco, Boston, Orlando, St. Petersburg, D.C., Alexandria, V.A., Austin and maybe a few more I've blanked on. There is an incredible amount of culture here and the hair is much smaller than Dallas. :) The scene is much less L.A. than Austin and I love that. The people have kind hearts and I've met some of the most amazing people since I've been here the last two years. The music scene is killer. They have really cool shows at really small venues and attitude and…

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