High School Musical Quiz

High School Musical Trivia
October 28, 2015 – 05:34 pm
QUIZ: Which High School

12 questions to be answered all about the first movie in the HSM series

If you are a High School Musical Fan you came to the right place

Trivia questions on the first of the hugely successful Disney High School Musical movies.

How well do you know the songs

For people who really know High School Musical

Another 10 questions to answer on the Disney movie, High School Musical

This is my favorite movie ever!

This has everything to do with H. S. M.

How smart are you when it comes to the lyrics of High School Musical ?

All about the Disney channel original movie

How well do you know the Characters ?

How well do you know the songs ?

Think you know the characters take the quiz

This quiz will test your knowledge to see if you really know the best movie in the world.

High School Musical fans, test your mind

This is going to be so hard people

Match up or finish the song lyrics with the person who sang it!

How much do you know about the movie ?

Get the lyrics together from the soundtrack

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Disney Disney High School Musical 3: Senior Year Dance! - Nintendo Wii
Video Games (Disney)
  • Dance to favorite High School Musical songs from all three films
  • Play as familiar characters including Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, Ryan, Chad, and Taylor, or create and customize a unique Wildcat
  • Engage in competitive multiplayer dance-offs for a fun dance party experience
  • Earn points by learning dance moves from High School Musical characters to unlock songs, clothing and characters
  • Interact with scenes by activating special effects
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**BUZZFEED QUIZ REDO** - High School Musical (long)
Quiz on High School Musical (HSM) Characters
Quiz on High School Musical (HSM) Characters
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How to Go to a High School Musical Dance.

Bored on just sitting around and waiting for a partner to dance with at the school musical dance? Paper works, school activity and other curricular activities at school is normal but if you are thinking of something extra ordinary at school competing with the others why not do a High School Musical Dances?Here's how to do it.

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