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32 Amazing Sites with Free Music for Videos
January 14, 2016 – 12:24 pm
Robert Kyncl, YouTube Chief

As you’ll have seen from the Creative Commons license type descriptions, there are a number of licenses only available for non-commercial use.

So how do you know whether your project is commercial or non-commercial?

Creative Commons’ own definition of commercial use is as follows:

“…in any manner that is primarily intended for or directed toward commercial advantage or private monetary compensation.”

Their guidelines on what constitutes non-commercial state that the following users are non-commercial:

“(a) an Individual (b) a Nonprofit educational institution/library, (c) a Nonprofit organization as defined under US or equivalent law [1], (d) A commercial copy shop, ISP, search engine, content aggregator, blog aggregator site or similar service provider who, in the course of providing a service at the direction of the allowable NC user, may exercise a right licensed under the Creative Commons license.”

In simpler terms, as long as you aren’t making money or getting commercial gain by using your chosen track, you’re OK to use one of the non-commercial licenses.

BUT …it’s not always as simple as that. A non-profit can use music in a commercial way, and a commercial entity can use it non-commercially, so you really need to look at the project itself when you decide whether you can use a non-commercial license.

commercial+vs+noncommercial+icons Here are some examples of commercial and non-commercial usage:

You use a track on your new demo video for your website – commercial. Even though you’re not directly making money from the video, you’re using it for a commercial advantage.

A non-profit organization is making a video to sell to raise funds – commercial. Even though the organization is non-profit, and the money raised will be used for altruistic purposes, the fact that money is involved makes it commercial use. On the other hand, if the same non-profit is making a video to raise awareness of an issue, that’s non-commercial.

A big corporation makes a holiday video to show at their staff party, as a thank you for their hard work over the year – non-commercial. When the same corporation makes a sales video with background music, that’s obviously

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