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8 Alternative Music Players for Your iPhone and Android
November 15, 2015 – 01:24 pm
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Freemake MusicboxWe can imagine how sick and tired you are of default iPhone media player and Android music apps. You may not like the interface of iTunes or Play Music, inner harmony… whatever. Anyway, if you search for an alternative iOS or Android music app, read our top 10 best free music players for iPhone and Android.

Freemake Musicbox

Freemake Musicbox is an intuitive and simple music player for iPhone. It lets find, play and discover free music on iOS gadgets. Freemake Musicbox is one of few apps using hashtags search. Thus, you can easily play music charts, trending songs, best tracks by artist or genre. The app is free, with no geo-, time- or track limits, no ads.



If you are bored by the habitual order of songs, shuffle them and enjoy. You can share your preferences with friends as well. Toones produces an atmosphere of creativity and freedom of thought.

But this player requires some time to understand.

Download it, if you are in need of a frequent Internet search for songs or want to enjoy new compositions as well as use-proven ones.


The player groups the tracks by artists, albums and songs. Choose a song at random or shuffle compositions. You can dive into a wonderful world of poetry with the function of audiobooks playback.

So, Taptunes is the app for users, who like listening to both popular music and “dusty” books.


TuneWiki is a music encyclopedia, social network and audio player at the same time. Here you can learn some fresh data about popular singers and share your preferences with friends. Your mates’ likes won’t be a secret as well. So, before falling in love with an affectionate neighbor, check at TuneWiki, whether she is mad about Britney Spears or crazy about Rolling Stones.

TapTunesThere you discover lyrics for the songs, which will be very handy if you want to sing along.

To cut a long story short, TuneWiki will be a pet for talkative users, urging to learn more about music.


MixZing is a media player for experienced fans. When a song is playing, you can identify it (if needed), use as a ringtone, set a sleep timer. The application is always ready to search for more songs of the same performer.

MixZing is also a radio player with music of different genres. Set your favorite artists and learn, which radio channels support their music.

Well, MixZing is created for Android users, who are eager to discover new musical pieces of a particular genre.

TapTunesSensor Music Player

Sensor Music Player provides different using modes like pocket mode, wave over mode (when you list compositions by one swipe) or disable sensor mode.

All the songs are organized alphabetically. Use feature “drag and drop” to add your favorite songs to a playlist. Every track or tracklist may be looped.

There are also such features like equalizer and sleep time settings.

But some modes are not completely free, they have only 7-day trial versions. And the interface of the app is too intricate for a beginner.

It seems only the rigorous users, who are obsessed by music quality, will adore this player.

Cute Music Player

Cute Music Player has a standard name, a plain interface and only default features. It plays your favorite tracks, turns the volume up and down. Nothing superfluous, nothing additional.

This properties make Music Player so attractive for conservative and busy users. is an app designed by the creators of a famous website. Sign up and enjoy tones of music. You can also find friends, who adores the same music as you and find cultural events in you city.

TuneWiki MIxZing Sensor Music Player Sensor Music Player
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