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Top 10 Country Love Songs
October 31, 2015 – 08:01 am
Country Music Marathon: An

Brad Paisley, Randy Travis, Shania TwainLove Lines: "When I said 'I do, ' I meant that I will / 'til the end of all time / Be faithful and true, devoted to you / That's what I had in mind when I said 'I do.'"

Black wrote this for his wife and then asked for a return favor - that she sing harmony on it. Released in 1999, this chart-topper is still a staple at weddings today.

Love Lines: "Through the years, when everything went wrong / Together we are strong / I know that I belong / Right here with you, through the years."

Rogers took this song all the way to the top of the adult contemporary charts 30 years ago, making it an instant classic. Like McEntire, he sings of how relationship roller coasters only make a couple stronger.

'I'll Still Be Loving You'

Love Lines: "Never before did I know / How loving someone could be / Now I can see you and me / For a lifetime."

Restless Heart promise to love "until the sun doesn't shine" and "until the last moon is rising." Both country and adult contemporary radio have shown the same love for this song, some 25-plus years later.

'Could I Have This Dance'

Love Lines: "Could I have this dance for the rest of my life? / Would you be my partner every night?"

Lace up those dancing shoes and never take them off. From the 'Urban Cowboy' movie soundtrack, this song tells the sweet story of finding that one person to fill your dance card 'til the end of time.

Love Lines: "Remember when 30 seemed so old / Now lookin' back / It's just a steppin' stone / To where we are, where we've been."

This song is an honest glimpse into Jackson's life with wife Denise. Covering their dating years through their life raising three daughters, and even their temporary separation, 'Remember When' carries the couple into the future with a promise to cherish all memories, both good and bad.

Love Lines: "And between now and then, until I see you again / I'll be loving you / Love, me."

Raye's first No. 1 hit is about a grandpa showing his grandson a love letter from Grandma, written on the day they'd planned to elope. The touching note comes full circle at her funeral, marking the end of a love story worth writing home about.

Love Lines: "You're still the one I run to / The one that I belong to / You're still the one I want for life."

Released on Valentine's Day 1998, this song catapulted Twain to crossover superstardom, topping both the country and AC charts and winning her two Grammys. Co-writer Mutt Lange may not be the one Twain runs to anymore - the couple, who married in 1993, divorced in 2010 - but this song remains one of her most beloved.

Love Lines: "I can just see you with a baby on the way / I can just see you when your hair is turning gray / What I can't see is how I'm ever gonna love you more / But I've said that before."

Paisley wrote this for wife Kimberly after the birth of their son Jasper, to show how his love has grown for her every day.

"The day before [the baby was born], I thought I loved her, " he explains. "But then 24 hours later ..."

Love Lines: "If you wonder how long I'll be faithful / I'll be happy to tell you again / I'm gonna love you forever and ever / Forever and ever, amen."

This 1988 Grammy-winning song was too country to cross over. Instead, it enticed non-country fans over to the genre with its fun, uptempo melody and universal theme of everlasting love. Travis' timeless classic is our pick for the best lasting love song of all time.

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